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Engage Every Student

With IQClick at hand, students are active participants. IQClick enhances interactive learning in class by giving even the most timid students a voice.

Multiple Question Types to 
Excite Atmosphere of Classroom

Bundled with IQVote Interactive Response Software Software, IQClick has multiple question types including single choice, multiple choice, true or false, gap filling and sequence.

Assess student understanding

Once students responded to questions by student IQClick, the results are instantly viewed and analyzed in a pie chart or bar graph in IQVote Interactive Response Software Software. So, teachers can evaluate each student or group performance easily and quickly.

Let’s See IQClick


Why Choose IQClick Student Response System for your Class ?

Create connections
between students and teachers

IQClick can turn class into a conversation and allow
students to participate with IQClick.

Give every
student a voice

Create a safe environment where every student can
actively participate, even the most timid student.

Improve student focus in class

Pull back and reset student attention in seconds. Ask on-the-fly polling questions to keep students engaged and attention.

Track progress easily
to identify misconceptions

With IQClick interactive response system, teachers can track progress through instant feedback to save valuable class time by knowing what your students understand, and what needs additional explanation.

Get questions and answers started quickly

In less than 5 minutes, teachers are able to start teaching with IQClick, and students are able to participate in the class with IQClick — fast and easy.

How it Works?

2.4Ghz RF Technology

With IQVote Interactive Response Software Software, IQClick Interactive Response system enables teachers to set questions quickly in class, and students to use student IQClick to answer questions quickly.


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