HA1100 Pro

High-End Conference Interactive Display

Android 11

Optical Bonding

Enhanced Wi-Fi 6


Full Function USB-C

Dual 4K Camera
48MP (AI) +13MP

Multiple Front Buttons

Hybrid Wireless Presentation

Brand-new IQ OS with Android 11

Based on the new version Android 11, IQ OS shows newly designed interface on interactive flat panel display. With a more stable system and abundant collaborative tools available at your fingertips, bringing user operations more seamless and effortless.

Touch Sensitively, Write Smoothly

Advanced touch technology empowers the screen instant response and high precision, revitalizing more vivid and natural writing as pen-on-paper experience. You even can use collaborative Windows Ink and gesture recognition for quick function access.

40-Point Touch

Windows Ink

Infrared Ultra Fine Touch

Gesture Recognition

Come to Real

4K UHD Vision | Optical Bonding

A high level visual experience that brings to you:

● Clear image quality
● Maximum viewing angle
● Protected against dust and moisture
● Most accurate and fluent touch experience
● Super safe glass, shock absorbing, extra durable

Anti Blue Light for Eye Protection

Reduce 80% of harmful blue light from the LED backlight of the panel for your eye comfort, while at the same time still maintain the color accuracy on the display and restore excellent image quality.

Face-to-Face, Virtually

48MP | Voice Tracking | Auto-Framing

Precisely positioning and automatically switching focus between the different speakers in video conference. Ultra-clear picture quality is guaranteed and it adapts to varying lighting conditions. Every participant can be seen clearly in all sizes of conference rooms.

Integrated 4K document camera for content sharing

13MP | Auto focus

Groundbreaking periscope-design camera works as document camera for being able to shoot large format like A3 paper clearly and scan QR code for presenting the things you want. The extra camera brings one-stop solution for your meeting room collaboration.

Making Sound, Noiselessly

8 Arrays Microphone | 2.1 Stereo sound
20W(Speaker)*2 + 15W(Subwoofer)*1

Enhanced mics and speakers ensure long-distance voice pickup and more immersive acoustic environment. Even in a large video conferencing room, the audio is powerful and crystal clear.

AG + AF glass
Always a clear screen

● Prevent the screen from being blurred by fingerprints, dust or grease.
● Ensure crystal-clear image even in the heavily lighted environment.

4K Wireless Screen Share for Meeting Collaboration

BYOM, as a natural extension of BYOD, allows wirelessly accessing the camera and microphone of HA1100 Pro to have a video conference with your preferred UC platform.

Two-Way Touch Control

Up to 9 Split Screens

Remote Screen Share by Web Browser

Full Function Plug&Play USB-C

A single cable solution for interactive touch panel realizes two-way touch control, LAN share, 65W fast charging, audio and 4K@60fps video transmission with the interactive display. Compatible with multiple mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, instantly start your presentation in a stress-free way.

Customize Front Buttons

Embrace intuitive buttons for quick operation access with customized options.
● Annotation
● Switch to Windows
● Windows Task View (Alt+Tab)
● Document Camera
● Screen Capture
● Freeze

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