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IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story


Marrakech, Morocco – June 5, 2024 – As the curtains draw on GITEX Africa 2024, IQ&QNEX reflects on a triumphant showcase of educational innovation and technological prowess. From May 29 to 31, the halls of GITEX Africa at Place Bab Jdid in Marrakech were filled with excitement as IQ&QNEX unveiled a range of products designed to reshape learning and conferencing environments.

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 01 1

Nestled within Booth 1E-8, Hall 1, IQ&QNEX’s exhibition space was meticulously designed to inspire innovation. As the largest tech and startup show in Africa, GITEX Africa 2024 provided attendees the opportunity to explore the future of education and conferencing. IQ&QNEX showcased innovative and tailored AV solutions, demonstrating how their technology can empower users by enhancing teaching efficiency and offering convenient remote management capabilities.

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 02 1
IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 04 1

A notable aspect of the event was the enthusiastic participation of system integrators, study agencies, and numerous clients from Morocco and neighboring countries. They visited Booth 1E-8, Hall 1, eager to discover innovative AV solutions that could enhance their educational and conferencing experiences. Their presence underscored the pivotal role these stakeholders play in adopting transformative technologies. IQ&QNEX was delighted to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaboration, receiving positive feedback on the unique and highly integrated nature of its products and solutions. Many attendees expressed their satisfaction and enthusiasm, deciding to initiate Terms of Reference (TOR) for future projects.

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 06 1

Throughout the event, the dynamic atmosphere within Booth 1E-8 was enhanced by captivating demonstrations of IQ’s audio-visual equipment products and QNEX’s innovative AV control products. Attendees were impressed by the capabilities of the IQTouch HA1100 Pro, IQTouch QA1300 Pro, QNEX NPS100, and IQVideo LCS710, recognizing their potential to revolutionize teaching and learning environments.

During the exhibition, IQ&QNEX synchronized social media postings to enhance the event’s impact, offering followers a dynamic window into the excitement and innovation at Booth 1E-8, Hall 1. This strategic approach broadened the exhibition’s reach, ensuring a wider audience engaged with IQ&QNEX’s offerings and experiences.

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 07 1
IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 08 1

As GITEX Africa 2024 concluded, IQ&QNEX looked back on the event with gratitude and pride, thankful for the opportunity to connect with passionate system integrators, study agencies, and forward-thinking clients. With renewed inspiration and determination, IQ&QNEX is eager to continue its journey of innovation, shaping the future of education and empowering learners across Africa and beyond.

IQTouch HA1100 Pro

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 09 1

IQTouch QA1300 Pro

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 10 1

QNEX Presentation Switcher NPS100

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 11 1

IQVideo LCS710

IQ&QNEX Shines Bright: GITEX Africa 2024 Success Story - GITEX Africa 2024 12 1

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3 Things to Learn about the IQTouch Note Application

3 Things to Learn about the IQTouch Note Application


Note-taking software has become one of the indispensable tools in people's life, study, and work. Whether it is note-taking software for personal devices or interactive panel writing software for public devices, they can help us record inspiration, think and plan, and store other important information. 

In addition, many note-taking software in the Smart Panel also have rich features and tools, such as IQ JoinMemos V1.1 developed by IQBoard to record valuable ideas for brainstorming, IQ KitsMemos V1.2 to facilitate team collaboration, and so on. 

In this article, I will take you to explore three important features of the IQTouch interactive flat panel note-taking software, together to further improve our work efficiency and productivity by finding the interactive flat panel note-taking software that is best for our team.

1. Updates on Promoting Interaction and Cooperation

The smooth writing function and multitasking split screen function of the interactive panel can greatly enhance the interaction effect between groups.


For those familiar with the Note application, the versatility in stylus options is nothing new. Typically, users receive two styluses with their IQ SmartPen SP200– one with a thicker tip and one with a thinner tip. This allowed for varying line widths and colors, mimicking the natural feel of writing with different pens or pencils on paper.


The recent update, however, takes this flexibility a step further. Previously, users could switch between different writing widths and colors based on the stylus used. Now, with enhanced customization, you can personalize your writing experience even further to suit your specific needs and preferences.

1.1 Dive Into the Double Pen Mode

One of the most exciting additions is the Double Pen Mode. Located in the lower left corner of the Note application, an icon depicting two crossed styluses can be found. By tapping on this icon, users can easily toggle between the Double Pen and the newly introduced Single Pen Mode.

1.2 Single Pen Mode Simplified

In the Single Pen Mode, the need for switching between styluses is eliminated. Whether you're taking quick notes or fleshing out detailed sketches, this mode provided by IQ SmartPen SP200 allows for a seamless transition between actions without changing tools. Write with your stylus as usual, but now, you won't find the option for a second line width or color. This simplifies the note-taking process, making it more streamlined and intuitive.

1.3 Enhanced Erasing Functions

Another noteworthy enhancement centers around erasing. With the update, the IQ SmartPen SP200 introduces more nuanced erasing options. Flipping the stylus over or using a broader tip stylus now activates a small eraser. This is perfect for making minor adjustments or correcting small errors.


For those moments when a larger eraser is needed, there's no need to navigate through menus. A simple gesture with your hand across the screen brings a larger eraser into play, allowing for quick and efficient corrections. This intuitive feature saves time and keeps the focus on your work, not on navigating the interface.

2. Engaging Students through Interactive Teaching Tools

Interactive teaching platform IQCLASS ONE provides rich resources and an experimental platform, through visual simulation, real-time data collection and analysis, experimental control and adjustment, as well as collaboration and sharing functions, to help students more deeply understand and apply the knowledge of biochemistry. Improve their learning outcomes and experimental skills. Virtual experiment tools provide visual simulations of biochemistry experiments, enabling students to observe and understand molecular structures, reactions, and changes during experiments. In this way, students can understand abstract concepts and processes more intuitively, thus improving their learning outcomes.

3. Maximizing Knowledge Acquisition Through a Massive Resource Library

With the built-in browser of interactive display software IQ JoinMemos V1.1, teachers and students can access a wide range of learning resources, including e-books, instructional videos, simulation software, online courses, and more. In addition, the learning resources on the cloud platform can be presented in a variety of forms, such as text, images, audio, video, etc., to meet the learning preferences and learning styles of different students. Students can learn through a variety of learning styles and media, increasing their engagement and understanding. Overall, the resource acquisition and sharing functions of the cloud platform facilitate collaboration and interaction between teachers and students. Teachers can share teaching materials and tasks with students, and students can discuss and collaborate on the cloud platform, which helps to promote cooperative learning and knowledge sharing among students.



Through this article, we can get three main product highlights: the combination of the interactive panel and IQ SmartPen SP200 enhances interaction and cooperation between groups; the interactive teaching platform of IQCLASS ONE provides rich resources and experimental tools for biochemistry learning. The IQ JoinMemos V1.1 software can access a variety of learning resources through its built-in browser, providing a personalized learning experience that caters to different learning preferences and styles.

If you want to explore more possibilities with the help of IQTouch interactive flat panels, you can click here to contact us.




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Unveiling The Power of Music with IQTouch Technology

Unveiling The Power of Music with IQTouch Technology


Music is a universal language that can reach people across borders. With the help of technology, music can maximize the charm of melody and notes. In this blog post, we'll explore how music acts as a universal language, connects diverse cultures, and expresses gratitude and feelings under the guidance of IQTouch Technology which words alone cannot convey.

1. Music: A Universal Language

Have you ever found yourself tapping your feet to the beat of a song from a culture entirely different from your own? That's the magic of music. It doesn't need translation. The notes, the rhythms, and the emotions behind the beats speak directly to our hearts. Studies have shown that music can elicit strong emotional responses from listeners, regardless of their cultural background. This universal appeal makes music a powerful tool for connecting people.

2. Bridging Cultural Gaps

Music has the remarkable ability to bring different cultures together. Through its melodies, rhythms, and harmonies, it showcases the diversity of the human experience. Musical collaborations between artists from different parts of the world often result in extraordinary creations that blend various cultural elements. These collaborations not only produce beautiful music but also foster understanding and respect among different cultures.

3. Expressing the Inexpressible

Sometimes, words are not enough to express how we feel. This is where music steps in. It can convey a range of emotions, from joy to sorrow, love to despair, gratitude to longing, without saying a single word. Music has a powerful way of evoking memories and feelings, making it a universal tool for expression. Many people turn to music to help them through difficult times or to celebrate happy moments. It serves as a companion that truly understands every emotion.

4. Six Interactive Flat Panel Technologies that Affect the Power of Music

IQTouch interactive panel technology with immersive audiovisual and capabilities enhances the power of music delivery, enabling musicians to communicate and express their musical ideas in new and innovative ways by supporting collaborative music creation, enhancing musical expression, providing real-time feedback, and facilitating interactive and engaging musical experiences. Here are 6 interactive panel audiovisual technologies that make music more impactful.

4.1 Multi-Touch Functionality

Almost all great work cannot leave the writing creation. IQTouch interactive flat panel's multi-touch feature allows musicians to interact with the screen using multiple touch points simultaneously. Using inspiration and idea recording Software such as IQ KitsMemos V1.2 Interactive Display Software to write the first draft of the score on the screen, and also controlling various parameters in real time, allowing the musician to manipulate sound and create complex arrangements at his fingertips, adding a new dimension to music composition.

4.2 High-Resolution Displays

The IQTouch interactive flat panel features 4K high resolution and provides an amazing visual experience for musicians. Sight and hearing have a magical connection. For example, the abstract paintings of the artist Kandinsky have the motion of jumping notes. Vibrant visuals allow musicians to view scores, music production software, and virtual instruments with exceptional clarity, enhancing their ability to interpret music, resulting in more accurate performance and composition.

4.3 Interactive Music Software

IQTouch 1300 Series interactive flat panel basically built-in the latest version of Windows 10 and Android 13.0 dual system, can access to a large number of dedicated music software, provide a range of tools and functions for music creation and performance, so that, Musicians create, arrange and mix music directly on the panel and even access virtual instruments, sequencers and effects processors, making the IQTouch 1300 Series interactive flat panel a complete music production workstation.

4.4 Audio Integration

The IQTouch interactive flat panel for integrate audio systems can provide high-quality sound. This ensures that musicians can hear their work accurately and clearly, enabling them to make accurate judgments about the mix, dynamics, and overall sound balance.The Powerful 15W*2 and 20W Subwoofer speakers of IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO delivers immersive original audio that enhances the emotional impact of the music and creates a more engaging experience for musicians and audiences alike.

4.5 Real-time Feedback

The powerful IQTouch interactive flat panel can provide real-time feedback to musicians during performance or practice. This feedback can include visual cues, such as pitch and rhythm indicators, as well as audio cues, such as a metronome click sound or a harmony reference. In addition, IQCLASS ONE supports the recording of the music performance process, and by reviewing the details based on Screen recording and QR code saving, musicians can identify areas for improvement and improve their skills more effectively.

4.6 Collaboration and Remote Connectivity

The IQTouch interactive flat panel offers collaboration capabilities that enable musicians to work together, whether they're in the same room or connected remotely. Up to nine users are supported to interact with the IQTouch interactive flat panel simultaneously, making it ideal for group music creation or ensemble performance. In addition, the remote connection option enables musicians to collaborate with others from different locations, and the split-screen effect of 9 screens presents virtualized small ensembles, expanding creative possibilities and facilitating musical connections.


The deep function of music is not only the entertainment function of adding fun to mundane life, but also the function of providing barrierless communication as a global language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. Music connects us in our shared humanity, and expresses the deepest emotions of our souls, while interactive flat panel technology like IQTouch enhances melodic vibes as well as cross-cultural collaboration.

If you're interested in our products, click here to get our IQTouch interactive flat panel technology solutions and continue to embrace and celebrate the diversity of music with  immersive audio audio visual experience in our world.

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Unveiling the IQTouch 1300 Series: A New Era of Interactive Displays

Unveiling the IQTouch 1300 Series: A New Era of Interactive Displays


At present, interactive flat panel has been widely used in business activities, various conferences or discussions, classroom teaching and remote training, especially in teaching shows strong advantages. As the protagonist of today's article - IQTouch 1300 Series. With its sleek design, 4K display, and multi-touch capabilities, IQTouch 1300 Series is an exciting development for educators, professionals, and tech enthusiasts alike. Here's a deep dive into what makes the IQTouch 1300 Series a technological productivity in the business and teaching fields.

1. A Closer Look at the Features

The IQTouch 1300 Series is more than just an interactive whiteboard; it's a versatile tool designed to enhance collaboration and learning experiences. Available in 98 and 110-inch models, IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO caters to various room sizes and needs like auditoriums, conference centers, and large classrooms. Let's break down its standout features.

1.1 High-Definition Display

The IQTouch 1300 series boasts a 4K display,4K stands for the ultra HD display standard with a resolution of up to 3,840 × 2,160 pixels, providing fine, realistic visual effects. Combined with 5G network, UHD video content can be efficiently transmitted on IQTouch interactive flat panel, which improves the viewing experience of online video services. It also provides crystal-clear visuals that keep viewers engaged, whether you're demonstrating complex concepts or showcasing high-resolution images.

1.2 Dual User Capability and Smart Pens

Collaboration hits new heights with the IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO's full-channel 40-point touch control and 20-point writing capabilities and dual-user functionality by split-screen. It comes with two smart pens like IQSmartPen SP200 for writing and switching smoothly, each equipped with Pen ID for writing in unique colors. An eraser on the back of each pen allows for precise corrections, and the pens attach magnetically to the board, ensuring they're always within reach.

1.3 Advanced Touch Recognition

The IQTouch 1300 series uses an innovative approach to touch recognition. Instead of relying on pressure, four cameras embedded in the IQTouch interactive flat panels for business and education corners detect touch and pen input. This tech for enhancing the atmosphere of interaction and participation not only enhances accuracy but also makes the intelligent interactive flat panel  more intuitive to use.

2. Operating System and Connectivity

The IQTouch interactive flat panels is designed to be as independent and versatile as possible. It features an embedded computer, allowing users to write, browse, and access files without needing an external laptop. However, for those looking to connect additional devices, it offers a range of options.

2.1 Embedded OPS Computer

This built-in feature supports various inputs without the need for a separate computer.

2.2 Convenient Connectivity

With HDMI and USB ports, connecting laptops or external devices is a breeze, provides convenience for connecting laptops or external devices.

2.3 Wireless Screen Sharing

Easily share content from iPads or tablets directly to the board, enhancing interactive sessions. In addition, in terms of software collaboration, using the multifunctional sharing software Eshare for audio, video, and file sharing can make your actions more efficient and positive, at the level of hardware collaboration, IQSHARE BUTTON Gen2 for wireless presentation is a good solution for BYOM and BYOD. When using this efficient tool on the IQTouch HA1100 Pro with up to 9 split screens, it can truly achieve bidirectional touch control and remote screen sharing based on a web browser.

3. Interactive Whiteboard Sessions

The board's software is a treasure trove for those looking to create dynamic and interactive presentations. Users can select from different "paper" backgrounds—blank, graph, or lined—for their whiteboard sessions. Additionally, the software supports adding images, videos, and even live annotations over screen-shared content.

4. Tailoring the Learning Experience

The IQTouch 1300 Series is not just about presenting information; it's designed to make learning interactive. Users can add pages or activities such as shout-out activities, graphic organizers, and more. This flexibility ensures that educators can tailor their lessons to match their teaching style and students' learning preferences.

5. Seamless Integration and Management

Beyond its interactive features, the IQTouch 1300 Series offers easy management and customization:

5.1 Customizable Settings

Adjust security settings, manage apps, and personalize the board to fit your needs. In the bottom menu button of the interactive panel, there is a Q button that allows you to customize the action path. You can set its functions to freeze, switch to Windows, activate screen sharing, lock the screen, comment, or capture the screen. In summary, as a new upgrade to the C button, This personalized button is set for personal preferences and operating habits, all for efficiency and avoid unnecessary trouble service.

5.2 Simple Cleanup

With just a few clicks, users can clear their sessions, making the board ready for the next user.

5.3 Remote Management

Ideal for IT administrators looking to manage devices remotely. In addition to providing multi-functional interactive panels, IQBoard also has experienced remote device management solutions - IQ RDM. Furthermore, through sub-brand products QNEX Web Console for centralized contorl, QNEX Touch Control Panel for indoor equipment operation status adjustment, multiple devices are centralized into a central console. It makes it easier for administrators to monitor and manage all devices, simplifying the tedious task of managing devices one by one.


In general, IQTouch 1300 series is a advanced interactive flat panel, the product series design purpose is to provide not only integrated function to enhance collaboration and learning experience, but also for the better development of science and technology, education, business efficiency.

If you want to know more about or experience the features and scene service advantages of IQTouch interactive flat panel, you can click here to learn about our enterprise, conference, classroom and remote training solutions based on IQTouch interactive flat panel.


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Individual Learning vs. Group Learning: Which One is Right for You?

Individual Learning vs. Group Learning: Which One is Right for You?


Surrounded by a digital network, we can even complete a group's work by ourselves. But, in learning, is it a good thing that one person completes all the procedures of learning? That's something to think about. Which is the best way to study alone or collaboratively?

1. Solo Learning seems comfortable

Most students like to study alone. Especially introverted and self-respecting students. This seems to be a stereotypical description of introverts. After all, everyone has his own preferred way of learning.

1.1 Mastering Knowledge on Your Terms

The benefits of learning alone are not only that it allows a person to understand knowledge without interference from others, build their own learning process, and master newly acquired knowledge independently.

1.2 Breaking Free from the Crowd

It also gives them more freedom and control, they can decide the progress of learning according to their own preferences, and they will not misunderstand or conflict with their peers because of some conflicting values.

2. Striking a Balance: The Dangers of Excessive Freedom and How to Navigate Them

But is studying alone a good thing? Perhaps studying alone can cultivate students' sense of autonomy and the ability to solve problems by themselves. However, this is far less effective than collaborative learning.

Or, how can we test the effect of knowledge acquisition in the process of autonomous learning? You might be smart enough to use GPT as a learning metric. However, it has to be acknowledged that GPT prompt understanding and answer generation are largely based on the user's understanding of ideas and language orientation. Working in a group gives you a different perspective and a fair measure of what you're learning.

Generally speaking, friends are a bridge for you to understand the outside world. And a yardstick for you to constantly improve yourself. Studying alone without exposure to the external environment is not going to work. Only with friends learn together, brainpower, learn from each other, make up for their own shortcomings, and gain more knowledge.

3. The Benefits of Collaborative Learning

There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes, "Two heads are better than one," which shows the power of cooperation. The power of cooperation cannot be underestimated in education and teaching. So, why do I advocate collaborative learning more?

3.1 Increase the knowledge absorption

In 1946, the famous American learning expert Edgar Dale put forward the Dale’s team found that there was a significant difference in the amount of content students were able to remember two weeks later with different learning styles. Here, the rate of knowledge retention is referred to as the "average learning retention rate". Under the learning style of group discussion, the way students absorb knowledge changes from passive to active. The average retention rate of students under group discussion is 50% higher than that of listening, reading, and even looking at pictures and demonstrations.

3.2 Reinforcement learning effectiveness

According to an empirical case study of the collaborative learning model and its effect on student achievement. The characteristics of knowledge and resource exchange of collaborative learning make the actual achievement of the students higher than the predicted achievement.

3.3 Establishing a positive social cooperative relationship

When you study alone for a long time, you will easily feel lonely. Just as it has been through the COVID-19 quarantine at home, which may also cause you to feel unhappy or anxious. Still, learning in a group setting can be fun. And it's a great way to make new friends and expand your social circle. When you have a pleasant learning environment, your learning efficiency will be improved.

4. How to build a smart classroom to maximize the value of collaborative learning

It should be emphasized that I am not a total blended learning person, but I am committed to getting the most value out of each teaching or learning model through the power of educational technology.

So, how should we build a smart classroom suitable for blended learning in the information age? In this case, IQ solution might be a great solution for you.

4.1 Smart Classroom Setup Guide for Collaborative Learning

Unlike traditional classrooms, the internal architecture of a smart classroom is composed of a series of advanced technologies and systems. Technology engineers like IQ think about how to create an engaging, interactive, and collaborative learning environment when thinking about customized smart classroom solutions.

4.1.1 Powerful networks

The IQ smart classroom, with the blessing of IoT technology and continuous technological iteration and update, is powerful. Have a high-speed, reliable, and secure network that provides ubiquitous connectivity for all teachers and students.

Ensure that students, faculty, and guest presenters can access digital resources, collaborate in real-time, and share content without any interference during collaborative learning.

4.1.2 Network Backbone and Interactive Systems for Enhanced Teaching

The network backbone is complemented by a series of interconnected systems and devices that work together to enhance the teaching experience. For example, the intelligent interactive flat panel IQTouch TB1300 Pro for group learning development enables teachers and students to annotate, share, and intuitively manipulate digital content. In addition, the function of wireless screen projection also promotes the sharing of ideas for collaborative learning.

In addition, if you are afraid of missing out on important content during collaborative learning, you can also scan the interactive enhanced app -JoinMemos provides QR codes to easily record the wonderful process of collaborative learning.

4.1.3 Harnessing the Potential of Intelligent Lecture Capture in Smart Classrooms

In addition, the smart classroom is equipped with an intelligent lecture capture system LCS710 that can automatically record, stream, and archive classroom lessons. This not only provides students with on-demand access to lectures but also generates valuable data and analytics that instructors can use to optimize their teaching strategies and track student engagement.

4.1.4 Optimizing Classroom Conditions

In addition, the smart classroom architecture integrates environmental sensors and controllers that monitor and optimize factors such as lighting, temperature, and air quality, ensuring a comfortable and conducive learning environment. Data collected from these sensors can also be analyzed to identify patterns and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall classroom experience.

4.2 IQ Wisdom in Global Collaborative Learning Education Footprint

IQBoard interactivity solutions are spreading wings across every educational corner of the globe. From Malaysia to Thailand, Bahrain to Vietnam, and Kazakhstan to Bhutan, IQBoard is associated with all the prominent educational institutions in these regions to bring educational development through interactive learning.

In Chulalongkorn University, Thailand students are learning in a better way using large-size IQTouch interactive touch screens, installed in the lecture halls, seminar rooms, and all other classrooms, to make learning better and better every day.


What is the difference between a smart classroom and a traditional classroom? What are the particularities of smart classrooms for group learning? Why is IQ a good choice? Through the detailed introduction in this article, you have a clear and definite answer to these questions.

Back to the topic, whether it is individual learning or group learning, as long as it meets your personal learning characteristics, it is good. If you also want to become a campus technical expert who successfully builds a smart classroom for group learning, you can click here to learn more about our program. I look forward to our deep cooperation, just like successful group learning!

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The Key Differences Between Online and Offline Teaching: Exploring the Pros and Cons

The Key Differences Between Online and Offline Teaching: Exploring the Pros and Cons


Both online learning and offline learning are learning. What's the difference between the two? Today, in this article, we will talk about the differences between these two learning modes and choose an optimal solution--hybrid learning that combines the advantages of both learning modes.


1. Accessibility and flexibility

1.1 Online Teaching

The first advantage of online classes is that they are not limited by time and space. Study anytime and anywhere, you can make full use of scattered time. Students can enjoy better professional teaching resources, such as courses from famous schools and teachers. Moreover, it is free to choose appropriate courses and appropriate teachers according to learning preferences. As a result, students will have a higher interest in learning. However, online classes have high requirements for students' self-control and test students' consciousness.


1.2 Offline Teaching

The disadvantage of offline classroomis the advantage of online classes, which require a fixed time to a fixed place for learning. In addition, teachers are fixed by the Ministry of Education on campus, and students have no way to choose appropriate teachers for their own learning styles.


2. Interaction

2.1 Online Teaching

Admittedly, online teaching also has huge limitations. The biggest disadvantage of online teaching is that it has obvious limitations on students 'social practice ability, cooperative problem-solving ability, labor quality, artistic quality, moral education, physical education, and face-to-face emotional communication between teachers and students, while the functions of offline teaching are extremely significant and even irreplaceable.


2.2 Offline Teaching

Face-to-face communication between teachers and students is now offline. Face-to-face teaching is conducive to emotional communication between teachers and students, and students can be immersed in a good learning atmosphere.


3. Technical considerations

3.1 Online Teaching

To realize the ideal vision of online teaching, it is inseparable from the excellent network environment and technical equipment conditions. Online class is mainly based on the Internet, there are two forms of expression: live broadcast and recording broadcast. On the one hand, there is a need for rich online teaching resources. Secondly, the accuracy of the big data analysis level also needs to be improved. In addition, the teachers' information technology and teaching levels are very high. Without these prerequisites, the advantages of online teaching are difficult to play.


3.2 Offline Teaching

Offline teaching management costs are higher, and it will also be limited to expand the scale. However, offline teaching rarely considers the advantages of network technology. However, the technology-based smart campus can make greater progress in students 'learning.


4. Physical and mental health

4.1 Online Teaching

The damage of longtime online learning to students' vision, the temptation and interference of the network environment to students' learning, the requirements for students' self-control and autonomous learning ability are extremely high, and it can easily lead to greater polarization and other problems cannot be ignored.


4.2 Offline teaching

There are various forms of offline teaching. Dialogue between teachers and students, doing experiments, completing project tasks, and so on are all forms of challenge and innovation. There are teachers with students to work together, and the form of sports, are conducive to the development of students' comprehensive quality.


5. Optimal solution: Blended learning

It is precisely because online teaching and offline teaching have various forms of content, with different advantages and disadvantages, which brings various possible patterns for online and offline integrated teaching.


Blended teaching mode combines the advantages of traditional teaching methods and the advantages of network teaching, which not only plays the leading role of teachers in guiding, inspiringand monitoring the teaching process but also fully reflects the initiative, enthusiasmand creativity of students as the main body of the learning process.


6. How to build interactive teaching integrating online and offline

6.1 Use the IQTouch for engagement

IQTouch interactive flat panel supports multiple people touching and annotating at the same time, so teacher and student can together interact and collaborate in real time on the same screen.

At the same time, with seamless integration of remote collaboration tools such as video conferencing and screen sharing, online and offline teachers and students can efficiently interact.


In traditional classroom teaching, media is a demonstration tool to assist teachers in teaching, but in blended teaching, the role of media has changed. For improving fundamentally classroom interaction and participation. IQTouchs convenient and quick interactive entertainment system makes students more focused, which can make better easier to understand complex knowledge to improve the learning effect.


6.2 Use IQShare for wireless screen sharing

IQShare: realize BYOD plug and play. Students only need to connect with their own devices, and then use IQShare to wireless cast screen and share cases or texts. Moreover, it supports multi-person co-screen presentations, which can increase classroom discussion.

Unique features: It can enhance classroom flexibility, and teachers can adjust the teaching rhythm and type of interaction according to actual needs.


6.3 IQVideo lecture capture system for better learning experience

The IQVideo Lecture Capture System automatically follows the instructor and records the lesson, increasing the possibility of concentration. Undergrads may always depend on recorded playback should they be absent from the site or require re-study. It is also possible to playback the shot with pauses after class so that one has the opportunity to rewatch or think about the key points.


In this mode, teachers can prepare micro videos and learning resources of relevant knowledge and skills explained by themselves in advance, so that students can watch, learnand practice in advance before class. In class, students are mainly organized to use relevant content for interactive cooperation, exchange and display, hands-on practice, project tasksand other learning activities, to cultivate students 'ability and character of problem-solving, cooperationand communication.



To deploy the integrated teaching mode of online and offline, we must first analyze the essential differences between offline teaching and online teaching. Different teachers, students, and teaching environments, lead to the effect of offline teaching and online teaching are not exactly the same. Because each type has a variety of embodiments. I believe that through our articles, you have a deeper understanding of online, offlineand blended learning. Also, you can click here to consult with us for a smart classroom setup service for blended learning.

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