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Video Conferencing Kit AVS200

Video Conferencing System for Mid and Large-sized Meeting Rooms

Bundled with a PTZ camera, a speakerphone and a compact hub for USB connectivity, Video Conferencing Kit is made with easy cabling for meeting rooms up to 20 seaters. It’s also compatible with any video conferencing software, including those you already use.

System Components

PTZ Camera



Expansion Mics (Optional)


System Features

USB plug-and-play simplicity

Installation of a video conferencing system with camera, microphone and speakers could be exhausted wtih complicated cabling and it often demands abundant interfaces available in the meeting room. However with Video Conferencing Kit, all you need is a USB connection to the conference room computer or you laptop, it’s even ideal for interactive disaplays with built-in PC.

High-quality video with 1080P and 12x zoom

AVS200’s HD camera provides premuim video experience with 1080P resolution at 30fps. The superior auto-focus lens with 12X optical zoom captures the smallest details with absolute clarity, and the wide 72.5°-6.9° field of view and smooth pan-tilt-zoom control ensures every participant to be present vividly wherever they are seated in the room.

Full-duplex audio system for crystal-clear sound

Four built-in microphones cover sound-pickup radius up to 4m/13ft with acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, minimizing keyboard clicks and other distracting tones to distinguish more nature-sounding human voice. The bluetooth connection also enables mobile devices pairing to amplify audio calls.

Convenient control through speakerphone and remote

AVS200’s speakerphone also performs as central control for the whole system. Whether to preset the camera, zoom in/out, camera pan/tilt, or to adjust volume / mute the speaker, all the operations can be done simply on the buttons of the speakerphone. Meanwhile additional remote is available for multi-party control.

Expansion mics offer larger space options

For larger conference rooms with up to 20 people, AVS200 provides two optional expansion mics to cover conversation area from 4m/13ft to 6m/20ft, so that those away from the speakerphone can be heard clearly. It’s flexible to set up according to the number of meeting participants.

Work seamlessly with your familiar VC applications

Both Windows and Mac are compatible with AVS200 and you can choose any popular video conferencing software you already use, such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business, Vidyo and Microsoft Lync.


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