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IQ KitsMemos V1.2 Interactive Display Software

Interactivity Never Gets Old

More teaching resources and subject tools now available


Embedded document camera function

IQ KitsMemos, the touch screen whiteboard software, supports up to 4 document camera images displayed at one time, so that the teacher can present multiple students' homework to the whole class for comparative teaching. The images can be rotated, flipped, erased or marked with annotation. Besides, the teacher can use the whiteboard writing meanwhile activate the document camera function to annotate, improving teaching efficiency with smooth class flow.


Engage students with fun activities

IQ KitsMemos,an interactive display software or interactive video wall software from IQBoard, provides various class activity templates for teachers to create interactive games by the interactive whiteboard and interactive flat panel. Teaching can be transformed from traditional teacher-centered lecture to student-centered engagement, making the class interaction full of fun and greatly stimulating students' interest.

4k intuitive UI design

The overall educational style along with a large number of high-definition icons displayed under 4K resolution ensures every detail to be clearly presented. The childlike interface catches students’ eyes and arouses their interest to make them more engaged during the class.

Ultimate writing experience with no delay

The writing experience is almost the same as that of Microsoft Whiteboard. Users can feel the unprecedented writing speed and smoothness with no delay, letting thoughts flow freely without hindrance and fully present on the whiteboard.

Abundant resources and subject tools

According to the subject you choose, related subject tools will automatically presented on the toolbar for handy use. Also a resource library is available with various teaching tools and contents, such as function graphics for mathematics, periodic table and atomic structure for chemistry.

Download the Resource Library

Intelligent hand gesture recognition

IQ KitsMemos makes your presentation more efficient through hand gesture recognition, by simply using two fingers to zoom in/out or rotate, full palm to erase.

Cloud platform access to enrich resources

Support OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive access. Drag the pictures or audio and video files from your personal cloud to IQ KitsMemos. Provide with a variety of ways to enrich your teaching or presentation resources.

Ultimate writing experience with no delay


Write on screen A while screen B shows the same image synchronously.


Screen A extends the page to screen B for larger space presentation.


Screen A is for whiteboard writing while screen B can be used for displaying document camera image.

(4)Split screen

Two different pages of the courseware can be displayed at the same time on two screens.

Desktop mode to extend class presentation

Enter desktop mode to exit the drawing board of IQ KitsMemos and return to your computer desktop. Now all the programs and materials on the desktop could be part of your presentation with smooth operation. Open a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file to further annotate, erase, screenshot or save the annotation in the file, the toolbar is always there for your handy use.

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