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IQ&Q-NEX Exhibition Information

  • Empowering Global Education with Intelligent AV Solutions
  • Cutting-edge AV Solutions Await Your Campus
  • 200+ AV Equipment Options, Elevate Your Global Presence
  • Expert Guidance, Tailored AV Control System
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Smart school

Smart classroom

Lecture capture classroom

Divisible classroom

Small video conference system

Medium room solution

2024 Exhibition Roadmap:
IQ&Q-NEX Ventures' Confirmed Participations with Updates

  • GITEX Africa 2024

    Visit the LARGEST Tech & Startup show in Africa, and explore the latest innovations from IQ&Q-NEX, where Africa's bold future unfolds!

    Date: May 29th to 31st

    Location: Marrakech, Morocco

    Booth: Hall 1, Stand 1E-8

  • Infocomm 2024

    North America's top AV trade show, featuring the latest tech and industry networking, owned by AVIXA. Join us at InfoComm to explore cutting-edge AV innovations and connect with industry leaders!

    Date: June 12th to 14th

    Location: Las Vegas, USA

    Booth: Central Hall, Booth C7096

  • Infocomm Asia 2024

    Join us at InfoComm Asia 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand, the leading regional event connecting global Pro-AV businesses to Southeast Asia and providing a platform for showcasing the latest solutions.

    Date: July 17th to 19th

    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

    Booth: A01

  • Gitex Global 2024

    Explore the world's premier tech and startup showcase at GITEX GLOBAL 2024, independently rated as the best tech event in the industry.

    Date: Oct 14th to 18th

    Location: Dubai, UAE

Star Products

Connecting globally: IQ&Q-NEX's intelligent solutions revolutionize education, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across campuses worldwide.

Efficient automation: Elevate educational excellence with comprehensive Solutions from IQ&Q-NEX, covering device management to teaching quality and campus administration.

Cutting-edge tools: IQ&Q-NEX showcased products, such as IQPodium PD150 and IQTouch HA1100 Pro, fedefine dducation, dnabling smarter learning environments and enhanced Mmanagement efficiency.

Client cngagement: IQ&Q-NEX is committed to collaborating with customers worldwide, contributing to the development of more competitive educational systems.

Who is IQ/Who is Q-NEX

Who is IQ?

IQ belongs to Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, has been dedicated to educational and conferencing industry since 2006. IQ solutions cover:

  • IQClass Interactive Teaching Solution (e.g. IFP, visualizer, student response system, etc.)
  • IQVideo Lecture Capture System
  • IQMeet Audio&Video Conference Solution (Camera, speakerphone, BYOD system, etc.)
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Who is Q-NEX?

Q-NEX belongs to Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, who has been dedicated to educational and conferencing industry since 2006. Q-NEX solutions cover:

Q-NEX education solutions

Providing versatile educational solutions including smart classroom solution, lecture recording solution, lecture hall solution, divisible classroom solution, group learning solution, etc.

Q-NEX conference solutions

Convering conferencr room types from small to medium sized conferencing areas. Integrate with conferencing devices for a centralized control and management.

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Exhibition's Reviews

"At ISE 2023 in Barcelona, IQ & Q-NEX's teaching solutions left a lasting impression. We appreciated the simplicity and effectiveness of their products, seeing how they can truly transform the classroom experience."

-John, US

"IQ & Q-NEX showcased practical solutions for us during Didacta die Bildungsmesse. The user-friendly interface and interactive features caught the attention of many, sparking discussions on improving learning outcomes."

-Emily, Germany

"Their products stood out for their practicality and effectiveness, garnering interest from educators seeking innovative solutions for their classrooms."

-Bob, US


What makes IQ&Q-NEX's AV solutions stand out?

Our AV solutions are empowered by cutting-edge technology, offering innovative features tailored to enhance global education.

How many AV equipment options does IQ&Q-NEX offer?

We provide over 200 AV equipment options, ensuring a diverse range of solutions to elevate your global presence.

Can IQ&Q-NEX's AV solutions be customized to specific needs?

Yes, our expert guidance allows for tailored AV control systems to meet your unique requirements.

Which exhibitions will IQ&Q-NEX attend in 2024?

We will confirm our participation in GITEX Africa 2024, Infocomm 2024, Infocomm Asia 2024, and Gitex Global 2024.

Where can I find IQ&Q-NEX's products being used?

Our AV solutions are utilized in various applications such as smart schools, smart classrooms, lecture capture classrooms, divisible classrooms, and small to medium-sized video conference systems. Or further information, please visit our official website:

How can I explore IQ&Q-NEX's solutions further?

You can explore our solutions by visiting our website:

How can I request a consultation with IQ&Q-NEX?

Simply click here, and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Which star products does IQ&Q-NEX offer?

Our star products include IQTouch HA1100 Pro, IQTouch TE1200 Pro, IQTouch TE1300, IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710, IQShare Button Gen2, IQMeet 4K PTZ Conference Camera CV810 Pro, Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP), Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100, and Q-NEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500. Or further information about the products, please visit our official website:

What educational solutions does Q-NEX provide?

Q-NEX offers versatile educational solutions including smart classroom solutions, lecture recording solutions, divisible classroom solutions, group learning solutions, and more. Or further information, please visit our official website:

What is the relationship between IQ and Q-NEX?

IQ and Q-NEX are both brands under the Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, dedicated to the educational and conferencing industry since 2006.


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