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IQBoard Video Center offers extensive videos to explore our products and solutions thoroughly. For deeper insights, feel free to schedule a demo or visit our YouTube channel.

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About IQBoard

IQ Corporation Introduction Video 2023 Ver

New look of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd

IQ&Q-NEX Department Introduction

Case Study

Q-NEX Case Studies: New African Client Showcase

IQTouch IFP Ad Series 01: Unveiling the Future of Visual Excellence!

Latest Technology

Optical bonding (IQTouch HC900PRO) vs Air bonding vs Zero bonding

BYOM Solution



IQTOUCH TE1300: Latest Android 13 Interactive Flat Panel

IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO: Boost Productivity with Android 12

IQTOUCH HA1100 PRO: Optical Bonding Interactive Flat Panel with Dual 4K Cameras

Digital Podium

More Videos

IQ&Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100


IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 Pro: Recorded Demo

IQShare WP40: 4K Wireless Presentation System

IQShare Button Gen2


IQ SMARTPEN SP200: Your Smart Assistant for a Productive Meeting

IQClick interactive response system: Fostering Connections for All Occasions

AV Conferencing

HY200 BYOM Solution


IQClass One: Transformative Interactive Teaching Software


Meet the Q-NEX unified AV control and broadcast solution for the smart campus

Q-NEX Unveils Latest AV Control Solutions at ISE 2024

IQTouch TE1200 Pro Demo at ISE 2024

Lecture Capture System LCS710 Demo at ISE 2024

Wireless Presentation System Demo at ISE 2024


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