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Explore Boundless Meeting Experiences

From Huddle Rooms to Multipurpose Halls, Seamless Collaboration for All

  • Integrated Solutions: All-in-one setups for effortless video conferencing in any space
  • Immersive Meetings: Crystal-clear audio and stunning visuals enhance conference engagement
  • Seamless Connectivity: Effortless plug-and-play setups ensure smooth meetings every time
  • Flexible Options: From small rooms to large conference halls, adaptability is key for any meeting size
  • Professional Grade: Elevate your conferences with professional-grade audio and video solutions
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Empowering Unified Communication at Any Scale

IQMeet caters to diverse meeting needs, offering a range of options from all-in-one devices like the IQMeet HY200, to separate bundles like the IQMeet AVS200, and combinations of cameras and audio equipment such as the IQMeet 4K PTZ Conference Camera CV810 Pro and IQMeet S330 speakerphone.

We provide a wide range of options for customers to customize their setup for any scenario.

Small Meeting Rooms

Equip compact and versatile audio-video solutions for efficient collaboration in small meeting spaces.

Large Conference Rooms

Deploy comprehensive audio-video systems for seamless communication in large conference settings.

Corporate Training

Offer comprehensive audio-video solutions tailored for corporate training sessions and professional development programs.

Remote Work and Collaboration

Enable smooth virtual meetings and collaboration for remote teams with integrated audio-video solutions.

Educational Institutions

Enhance learning experiences with interactive audio-video solutions in classrooms and lecture halls.

Medical Consultations

Facilitate high-quality audio-video setups for remote medical consultations.

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IQMeet Audio/Video Conferencing

The IQMeet product line presents a range of seamlessly integrated solutions for immersive video conferencing experiences. From all-in-one designs to modular systems, IQMeet offers versatile options tailored to various meeting room sizes and requirements.

IQMeet HY200: All-in-one design with integrated microphone, speaker, and camera.

IQMeet AVS200: Modular system comprising a PTZ camera, speakerphone, and hub for mid to large-sized rooms.

IQMeet CV810 Pro + IQMeet S330: Combine the IQMeet CV810 Pro's advanced 4K PTZ camera with versatile output and silent operation, with the IQMeet S330's professional bluetooth conference speakerphone for seamless and immersive video conferencing.

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Flexible Configurations

IQMeet offers versatile configurations to suit any meeting space, whether it's the compact all-in-one design of HY200 or the comprehensive AVS200 kit for larger rooms.

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Tailored Solutions

Choose from a range of options, such as the AI camera HY200 with auto-framing or the AVS200 bundle with PTZ camera and speakerphone, to create a customized setup that meets your specific needs.

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Seamless Integration

Regardless of the configuration, IQMeet products seamlessly integrate into any meeting scenario, ensuring effortless setup and smooth operation.

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Enhanced Collaboration

With advanced features like voice tracking, high-quality audio, and wide-angle views, IQMeet empowers teams to collaborate effectively, whether they're in small huddle rooms or large conference spaces.

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Tomorrow's Meeting Tech: Trends & Innovations

In the rapidly evolving landscape of conference technology, future trends will likely revolve around AI-driven collaboration, hybrid work solutions, enhanced connectivity, personalized experiences, and environmental sustainability.

AI-Powered Collaboration

Expect advancements in AI technology to enhance features like auto-framing and voice tracking, as seen in products like IQMeet HY200.

Hybrid Work Solutions

Look for products that seamlessly connect in-office and remote participants, offering features tailored to hybrid meetings, exemplified by IQMeet AVS200.

Enhanced Connectivity

Anticipate improved compatibility with emerging communication tools and IoT devices, along with simplified wireless connectivity options, such as those offered by IQMeet products.

Personalized Experiences

Future products may offer customizable settings and adaptive features to provide personalized meeting experiences, incorporating user-specific presets and commands.

Environmental Sustainability

With a growing focus on sustainability, expect products to incorporate eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient design, aligning with the environmental goals of companies like ours.

IoT-based meeting room solutions

IoT-based meeting room solutions are set to revolutionize the way we conduct meetings, focusing on smart environmental control, integrated device management, and advanced collaboration tools.

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Common Misconceptions in Conference Tech

Overlooking AI Integration

Some may underestimate the role of AI in improving meeting experiences, missing out on features like auto-framing and voice tracking that enhance engagement, as exemplified by the IQMeet HY200.

Neglecting Hybrid Work Solutions

Ignoring the need for seamless integration between in-office and remote participants could hinder productivity, whereas products like IQMeet AVS200 offer tailored solutions for hybrid meetings.

Underestimating Connectivity

Underestimating the importance of connectivity compatibility with emerging tools and devices might lead to compatibility issues, whereas our IQMeet products offer enhanced compatibility and simplified connectivity options.

Ignoring Personalization

Overlooking the benefits of personalized meeting experiences may result in generic interactions, whereas future products could offer customizable features and presets to optimize user experiences.

Neglecting Sustainability

Disregarding the importance of environmental sustainability may lead to unsustainable practices, while products like ours prioritize eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient design to align with sustainability goals.

IoT-based meeting room solutions

IoT-based meeting room solutions are set to revolutionize the way we conduct meetings, focusing on smart environmental control, integrated device management, and advanced collaboration tools.


What is IQMeet?

IQMeet is a comprehensive line of conference technology solutions designed to enhance communication and collaboration in various meeting environments.

What products are included in the IQMeet lineup?

The IQMeet lineup includes HY200 AI Camera, AVS200 Video Conferencing System, CV810 Pro PTZ Conference Camera, and S330 Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone.

What are the key features of IQMeet products?

Key features include AI-driven capabilities such as auto-framing and voice tracking, high-quality audio and video, seamless connectivity, and compatibility with major video conferencing platforms.

How can IQMeet products improve meeting experiences?

IQMeet products enhance meeting experiences by providing superior audio and video quality, advanced AI features for smoother interactions, and easy-to-use interfaces for seamless collaboration.

Are IQMeet products suitable for different meeting room sizes?

Yes, IQMeet offers solutions for various meeting room sizes, from small huddle rooms to large conference spaces, with options for expansion to accommodate different needs. If you need some professional advice, you can contact our team directly.

What platforms are IQMeet products compatible with?

IQMeet products are compatible with popular cloud video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex, Google Meet, and others.

Can IQMeet products be easily integrated into existing setups?

Yes, IQMeet products are designed for easy installation and integration, with plug-and-play connectivity options and minimal setup requirements.

Do IQMeet products support remote work and hybrid meetings?

Yes, IQMeet products are ideal for remote work and hybrid meetings, offering features tailored to connect in-office and remote participants seamlessly.

Where can I purchase IQMeet products?

For more information, you can visit our official website or contact our team directly.


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