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The Smart, Simple Digital Sinage Displays

Ultra HD, Future-Ready, Intelligent Display Solutions

  • Stunning Clarity: Ultra HD resolution for clear, engaging visuals.
  • Bright Visibility: 350 nits brightness ensures clear visibility in any lighting.
  • Durable Reliability: Tempered glass and aluminum alloy frame ensure reliability.
  • Flexible Display: IPS screen with wide-angle viewing for versatile presentations.
  • Interactive Touch: All-in-one collaboration solution, with advanced capacitive touch technology.
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Dynamic Digital Solutions for Every Setting

Whether it's wall-mounted or floor-standing, our IQTouch Interactive Digital Signage boasts outstanding visibility and durability. From medical facilities to retail outlets, from classrooms to boardrooms, IQTouch Digital Signage Display meet to diverse needs, delivering the perfect solution for you.

Medical Facilities

Enhance patient experience and streamline communication with interactive digital signage, delivering vital updates and information in medical facilities.

Financial Institutions

Engage clients and promote services effectively with dynamic digital displays, enhancing the ambiance of financial offices.

Educational Institutions

Create interactive learning environments and facilitate communication among students and faculty using digital signage solutions.

Shopping Centers

Attract shoppers' attention and boost sales with eye-catching digital advertising and wayfinding displays placed throughout the mall.


Enhance the dining experience and showcase menus, promotions, and entertainment with dynamic digital signage and outdoor displays.


Facilitate passenger navigation and provide real-time flight information with digital signage displays strategically located in airport terminals.

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IQTouch Digital Signage

Activate your space with IQTouch Digital Signage, revolutionizing communication with cutting-edge technology and sleek design.

LE032KD 32" Wall-mounted Digital Signage Display

Elevate communication in diverse environments with vibrant 1080P FHD resolution, capacitive touch technology, and a sleek design, ideal for applications in retail stores, educational institutions, and corporate offices.

LE043KD 43" Freestanding Digital Signage Display

Make a statement with stunning 4K UHD resolution, capacitive touch technology, and a sleek all-in-one design, perfect for captivating audiences in vertical advertising displays at shopping malls, airports, and public spaces.

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Efficient Design

With a sleek one-piece design and innovative heat dissipation structure, IQTouch Interactive Digital Signage Display ensures reliable performance even during 24/7 continuous operation.

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Immersive Visuals

The IPS high-definition LCD panel supports up to 2160P video and picture decoding and playback, delivering stunning visual experiences with exceptional clarity and detail.

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Flexible Playback Options

Enjoy hassle-free content management with support for offline mode via USB disk, allowing automatic identification and playback of content without the need for an internet connection.

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Intuitive Touch Interaction

Experience precise and smooth touch interactions with capacitive touch technology, offering fast response times and strong anti-interference capabilities for seamless user engagement.

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Adaptable System Support

Tailor your digital signage solution to different application scenarios with support for both Android and Windows systems, providing versatility and compatibility for diverse business needs.

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Future Trends in Diversified Display Solutions

As digital display technology continues to evolve, multifaceted solutions are emerging to address the diverse needs of various industries. The trend is moving towards more interactive, high-definition, and robust displays that enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

Uninterrupted Operation

With state-of-the-art thermal management systems, these displays are designed for 24/7 continuous use, ensuring reliable performance in high-demand environments—a critical attribute of IQTouch Digital Signage.

Exemplary Visual Fidelity

High-definition panels with advanced pixel technology provide unparalleled clarity and depth, creating immersive visual experiences that captivate and engage audiences.

Autonomous Content Playback

The capability to play content directly from USB drives ensures seamless and uninterrupted operation, even in the absence of internet connectivity, enabling consistent content delivery.

Enhanced Interactivity

Cutting-edge capacitive touch technology delivers a responsive and intuitive user interface, significantly improving user engagement and interaction, and making the display solutions more dynamic and versatile.

Cross-Platform Integration

The support for multiple operating systems, including Android and Windows, ensures seamless integration and operational flexibility across different application scenarios, showcasing the versatility of IQTouch Digital Signage.

Energy Efficiency

Advanced energy-saving technologies, such as automatic brightness adjustment and low-power components, ensure that these displays operate with minimal energy consumption, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

These advancements highlight the industry's shift towards more dynamic, reliable, and user-centric digital display solutions, setting new standards for performance and versatility.

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Digital Signage Display

Too Expensive to Implement

Many believe digital signage is costly, but prices have become more competitive with advancements in technology.

Difficult to Manage

Contrary to popular belief, modern digital signage solutions, such as IQ Digital Signage, are user-friendly and easy to manage with intuitive software.

Limited to Advertising

Digital signage is not just for advertising, it can enhance communication, provide information, and improve customer experiences in various settings.

Requires Constant Internet Connectivity

Many digital signage systems can operate offline, playing content from USB drives or local storage, as is the case with IQ Digital Signage.

Only for Large Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from digital signage, using it to attract customers and improve engagement.

Static Content Only

Digital signage can display dynamic content, including videos, animations, and real-time updates, making it highly versatile.


What is IQ Digital Signage Display?

IQ Digital Signage Display is an advanced digital signage solution designed for indoor and outdoor installations, offering high-definition displays, interactive touchscreens, and seamless content management.

What are the key features of IQ Digital Signage Display?

IQ Digital Signage Display boasts features such as high-definition IPS panels, capacitive touch technology, remote content management via cloud-based software, and compatibility with both Android and Windows operating systems.

What sizes are available for IQTouch Digital Signage Displays?

IQTouch Digital Signage Display offers two sizes: 32 inches and 43 inches, catering to various display needs.

How does IQ Digital Signage enhance customer engagement?

IQ Digital Signage enhances customer engagement through visually appealing content, interactive touchscreens, and personalized messaging, creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences and drive interaction.

Can IQ Digital Signage be used for advertising and promotional purposes?

Yes, IQ Digital Signage is highly effective for advertising and promotional campaigns, offering customizable content creation tools, real-time content updates, and targeted messaging capabilities to attract and engage customers.

What is the resolution of IQ Digital Signage Displays?

The resolution of these digital signage displays varies based on their size: The 32-inch display features a resolution of 1080P FHD. Meanwhile, the 43-inch display boasts a higher resolution of 4K UHD.

What temperature range do these interactive digital signage displays operate in?

IQTouch Digital Signage operates within a wide temperature range, making it suitable for use in various climate conditions.

Which operating systems do these interactive digital signage displays support?

IQTouch Digital Signage offers solutions for both Windows and Android systems, allowing users to choose the appropriate OS based on their application needs.

What are the typical application scenarios for these digital signage displays?

IQTouch Digital Signage is widely used in medical institutions, finance, education, shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, airports, and public areas, providing information display and interactive services across various industries.

Are these digital signage displays easy to install and maintain?

IQTouch Digital Signage display features a sleek and one-piece design with a unique heat dissipation structure, making installation straightforward. Additionally, with support for 24/7 continuous operation and off-line mode via USB disk, maintenance is minimal, ensuring hassle-free usage.


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