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QA1300 Pro

Safe, Confident Classroom Interaction

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The Advanced Android 13 with IQ OS

Elevate classroom functionality with our IQTouch QA1300 Pro's advanced Android 13 and IQ OS. Slidable home pages ensure customizable access for a user-friendly environment, while 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM offer ample storage and smooth performance.


Maximize efficiency with the multitasking feature, easily switch between resources.


Activate the blackboard with a simple swipe-up gesture.

Multi-User Management

Manage multiple users with support for up to 9 individuals, each enjoying customized options.

Learn more about IQ OS V5.0

Always Clean Air

Equipped with built-in air quality sensors, the IQTouch QA1300 Pro ensures real-time monitoring of VOCs and PM2.5 levels, allowing presenters to stay informed and make necessary adjustments for optimal audience comfort and respiratory health. The displayed environmental data empowers presenters to foster improved concentration among audiences, enhancing their focus.
Classroom temperature and humidity affect the comfort and focus of both students and teachers.
Particulate matter in the air can result in respiratory issues.
Long-term exposure to toxic volatile organic compounds poses significant health risks.
An environment with poor air quality can cause students to becomesluggish, indicating poor ventilation in the classroom.

AI-Powered Video Conferencing

The AI camera, equipped with a 48MP camera system, ensures exceptional clarity for participants in any size of meeting room. With AI-powered adaptive lighting adjustment and automatic framing, it focuses on speakers, delivering a virtual conferencing experience akin to face-to-face interaction.
AI-power Auto Framing
AI-power Voice Tracking
Gesture Recognition
Active noise cancellation

Immersive Surround Sound

Designed for various meeting environments, the IQTouch QA1300 Pro features two powerful 20W speakers, a 20W subwoofer and 8 array microphones covering an 8-meter voice pickup range, ensuring every voice is heard clearly, even in large conference rooms.

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Easy On The Eyes

Feature anti-glare screens and low blue light technology, our displays offer optimal visibility and reduce glare even under bright lighting conditions. With a 4mm tempered glass and anti-glare coating, our displays ensure clear on-screen details for seamless teaching experiences.

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Smart Integrated Hardware Solution

NFC Technology

Unlock infinite customization possibilities with NFC access control on our liquid crystal product. Enjoy simply swipe control, screen lock/unlock, and touch lock features for effortless navigation.

Proximity Sensor

Improve classroom safety with the QA1300 Pro's proximity sensor, enabling touch-free control and health monitoring. Automatically activating within a 3-meter range when approached, it ensures a seamless and comfort learning environment for educators alike.

Q Button for Quick Access

User-friendly design with customizable Q buttons, providing convenient one-click access to personalized functions. Experience streamlined navigation for seamless teaching and learning experiences in the classroom.

Learn more about IQ OS V5.0

Seamless Wireless Sharing of Diverse Content

Facilitates wireless screen sharing for up to 9 devices, with up to 4K resolution and low latency, enhancing classroom collaboration. IQTouch QA1300 Pro allows for direct page flipping and annotation on the touchscreen during presentations, providing greater flexibility. The educators can effortlessly share images, videos, and live camera feeds to students, fostering interactive classrooms.

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Break Free from Space Limitations

Enjoy low-latency, smooth streaming, and the convenience of casting devices and QA1300 Pro without being on the same network. Easily annotate, take screenshots, and save them locally on your devices after casting.

(1) EShare Cloud Broadcast allows multiple users to view screen content on their own devices seamlessly.

(2) With Webcast, colleagues can simultaneously share their screens on QA1300 Pro.

Simplify Classroom Management with DMS

Effortlessly manage your IFP in the classroom through centralized control with IQTouch DMS. Remotely enforce policies, control settings, and install apps, while gaining valuable insights through comprehensive analytics on device usage patterns, all from the DMS homepage.

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