The intelligent interaction of  smart board touch screen

The intelligent interaction of smart board touch screen


Actually, touch display technology is very common in our lives. The smart phones, ipads and other devices we use every day are all based on this technology, and we even hope to achieve all interconnections. In the intelligent interactive industry chain, touch display technology will run through the next generation of smart terminals.

The touch display technology through the Internet of Everything becomes the core of intelligent interaction. Touch display technology is mainly used in the field of commercial display, such as automatic machines, KTV car monitors, bank ATMs, etc. We often see that some devices are inseparable from touch display technology in daily life. In the consumer market, touch screens are also used on laptops which not only with hand touch but also with pens.

Realize touch technology through intelligent interaction. In addition to display devices and household products, touch technology also adopted in cars. The multimedia interactive system released by Mercedes at CES2018 adds intelligent voice assistant functions, as well as touch screen functions and even 3D display. It is smarter and faster than traditional physical buttons, bringing great convenience to users. For the application of touch display in education, many countries now pay more and more attention to education, so the next generation of education environment will become gradually high-tech and humane. Traditional classrooms can no longer meet the requirements of modern education for devices and environment.

Therefore, many countries are now building smart classrooms and even schools to improve the quality of teaching and the interaction between teachers and students, so that students can learn better in modern classrooms.

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