Newly launched IQ Smartpen V2.0 for better presentation

Newly launched IQ Smartpen V2.0 for better presentation


We have newly launched IQ Smartpen V2.0 for better presentation in meeting or teaching. This product includes a smart pen, a receiver and two tips which provides thick and thin pen tips with the smart pen for different precision touch frames. Thin tip is used for high-precision touch frames, and thick tip is used for general touch frames because its touch accuracy is lower so that too thin tip can not be recognized by touch frame. However, the touch frames of our IQTouch interactive flat panel are all high-precision, so our smart pen is equipped with a thin tip by default.

In terms of IQ Smartpen, it has 4 functional keys that you not only can use it by default functions but also can customize the functions. Then we talk about the default functions first. 
Key 1, long press to enter the annotation mode. You can annotate whatever you want on the current page. Click key one to change the pen color.
Key 2, long press to enter the PowerPoint slide mode. Click key 2 and 3 to up and down the pages.
Key 3, long press to open blackboard. When you got some ideas or teachers want to show some points, just open blackboard to write it.
Key 4, click to screenshot, and it will saved into a file on desktop. Long press to open a laser for positioning the content you’re talking about.

If you don’t like the default functions, You can also customize the most commonly used functions for each key. Other functions for your choice like spotlight, magnifier, video play and pause and so on. IQ Smartpen supports IQ Interactive Education Platform V8.0 that pre-install on our IFP.If you open the platform software, it will match the functions of IQ Interactive Education Platform first, and you can get some quick operations by IQ Smartpen under the platform software. Besides, IQ Smartpen is compatible with Android, Mac and windows systems. For different operating systems, we have respective IQ Smartpen driver provided, which can all be downloaded from IQ Smartpen page of our website:

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