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Capacity Building Seminar for the MWYCFA at Returnstar

Capacity Building Seminar for the MWYCFA at Returnstar


On June 11, 2024, the "Seminar on Capacity Building for the Ministry of Woman, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) of Solomon Islands" was held at Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd. This China aid training program was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and jointly organized by the International Economic Cooperation Center of Fujian Province. A delegation of 22 people from the Solomon training team and government accompanying party visited Returnstar for research and a seminar.

01 Interacting with Returnstar

As the president enterprise of the Fujian Provincial Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, Returnstar organized this event with great care and attention.

Ms. Hong Wenjie,  Returnstar's Director and Chamber President, actively shared the company's education technology expertise, helping establish a communication platform between China and international partners. This aimed to strengthen China-Solomon Islands relations and jointly explore novel models and approaches for education digitization.

As an enterprise deeply committed to education technology for 18 years, Returnstar has steadfastly upheld the mission of leveraging technology to empower education. The company continually optimizes its products and services to promote fair and equitable educational development. The Solomon Islands delegation greatly appreciated Returnstar's efforts and warmly wished the company a happy 18th anniversary on June 22nd.

02 Seminar and Product Experience

After the visit, Returnstar held a seminar with the participants. Returnstar's representative, Jacky Ding, shared how the company integrates advanced education concepts with its hardware and software solutions. The participants expressed keen interest in Returnstar's products. Mr. Hong patiently addressed their inquiries.

Afterward, in Returnstar's smart classroom, the participants enjoyed a unique interactive learning experience. The intelligent equipment and innovative teaching approaches showcased here left everyone deeply impressed by technology's transformative impact on education.

After experiencing Returnstar's smart classroom solutions, the guests expressed hopes that their next generation can access such advanced education technology. They believed this would help local students gain more equitable educational opportunities and raise the overall quality of education.

03 Group Photo Memento

Finally, all the MWYCFA delegation and accompanying officials gathered for a group photo in front of Returnstar's showroom, celebrating the successful conclusion of this event.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries, as well as the Solomon Islands' 5-year participation in the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the past 5 years, economic and trade cooperation between the two sides has continued to support Solomon Islands' economic development. And the prospects for collaboration in smart education are highly promising.

The Solomon Islands delegation expressed strong satisfaction with this visit and highly praised Returnstar's innovative achievements in education technology. They are also looking forward to future exchanges and further cooperation between the two sides through UNESCO, national government departments and other channels.

In the past 18 years, Returnstar has specialized in delivering intelligent smart campus solutions for global education institutions. It has built the IQ and Q-NEX brands into renowned offerings, serving millions of users across over 150 countries like Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Going forward, Returnstar will continue upholding its mission of "Technology for Education", providing ever more competitive education technology products and solutions for global education customers.


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