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Global Indian International School
(Singapore SMART Campus)

Project Background

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a renowned network of international schools with 23 campuses across 7 countries. These countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and India. GIIS offers a diverse range of Indian and international curricula to cater to students from different backgrounds.

Initially, GIIS had three campuses in Singapore: Queenstown, Balestier, and East Coast. However, Singapore, with its small land area of only 7,800 square kilometers, hosts 60 international schools to cater to the growing expatriate community. The competition among these international schools is particularly intense in Singapore. Therefore, the school leadership's primary concern is how to not only survive but also strive to become a top-notch institution.

In 2006, the GIIS Singapore team took the bold decision to establish a brand-new campus in Punggol. This decision aimed not only to accommodate students from the Queenstown and Balestier campuses but also to create a modern school with cutting-edge technology. The vision was for GIIS Punggol to be at the forefront of international schools in Singapore.

The Challenge

In the digital age, intelligence is intertwined with every aspect of life, including education. Education is undergoing significant changes as students demand a more intuitive learning experience and an automated environment that yields effective results. Teachers and IT administrators also desire a digital workspace to reduce inefficiencies caused by complex devices and focus on meaningful tasks to enhance education. The overall strength of an international school is not only reflected in student performance but also in daily management. In the highly competitive educational landscape of Singapore, the GIIS team recognizes the power of educational technology and aims to leverage it fully to improve academic outcomes and enhance the school's reputation among international institutions.

Embarking on a project from scratch is a monumental endeavor, requiring immense effort to bring together diverse teams responsible for various aspects of the project. These teams collaborate to discuss viable solutions for architecture, electrical systems, school furniture, classroom layouts, and AV equipment, ensuring a cohesive and functional environment. From the very beginning, the IQ team has worked closely with the GIIS team, assisting in the development of AV solutions tailored to the school's specific needs.

IQ Solution

Better experience

In an effort to transform the campus experience for GIIS teachers and students, the solution aims to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) to establish a digitized campus that integrates centralized control and AV distribution. This approach seeks to redefine the way teachers and students interact with their surroundings and enhance their overall campus experience.

Remote and Unified Control: Enhancing Classroom Efficiency at GIIS

At GIIS (Global Indian International School), we believe in harnessing the power of technology to create smarter and more efficient learning environments. Our innovative solution integrates the IQTouch TE1100 interactive flat panel, IQView E4521 document camera, and various classroom devices with the NMP (Networked Media Processor). This centralized control system allows for remote management, unified control, and seamless operation of all devices, empowering both teachers and IT administrators. Let's explore the benefits of our solution and how it transforms the learning experience at GIIS.

Streamlined Device Management

With the NMP integration, our solution enables school administrators to centrally and remotely manage a wide range of classroom devices. This includes the IQTouch TE1100 interactive flat panel, IQView E4521 document camera, air conditioners, fans, lights, microphones, speakers, and teachers' laptops. By providing a unified control panel, teachers can effortlessly operate all devices without the need for multiple remote controllers. IT administrators can monitor device status, usage, and even perform remote device control, making device management more efficient than ever before.

Automated and Convenient Classroom Setup

Each classroom at GIIS is equipped with the TE1100 interactive flat panel and IQView document camera, both integrated with the NMP. Before teachers enter the classroom, the interactive display and document camera are automatically turned on, creating a hassle-free setup. Teachers can focus on their teaching without worrying about device operations. With a simple tap on the touch panel, teachers can control various aspects, such as switching video sources, adjusting speaker and microphone volumes, and pairing wireless microphones. This streamlined process empowers teachers to take control of their classrooms and deliver engaging lessons.

Smart Campus Integration

Our solution extends beyond the classroom to areas like the cafeteria, library, and academic building hallways. Interactive displays are deployed campus-wide and connected to the MBX (Media BOX), creating a comprehensive AV distribution system. This integration enables centralized control and management of AV content throughout the campus. IT administrators can distribute text, audio, and video content, and even push live streams to monitors with MBX integration. Furthermore, customized content can be delivered to specific destinations based on specific needs. Within the classrooms, the broadcast can reach the NMP and be displayed on the interactive flat panels, ensuring a seamless AV experience across the entire campus.

Efficient IT Administration

Our solution not only simplifies classroom operations but also empowers IT administrators with remote control capabilities. Through the web console or mobile app, administrators can perform scheduled device operations, manage AV broadcasting, and access valuable device usage data. The web-based platform offers centralized data control, allowing administrators to monitor device status, maintenance processes, usage frequency, power consumption, and other device information campus-wide. Controlling NMP and MBX-connected devices from remote locations becomes a seamless process, reducing workload and enhancing overall efficiency.

At GIIS, our smart campus IoT solution revolutionizes the way classrooms are managed and operated. By integrating cutting-edge technology with comprehensive control systems, we empower teachers to deliver impactful lessons while providing IT administrators with streamlined device management and remote control capabilities. The success of our solution at GIIS campuses in Singapore, Tokyo, and Dubai showcases the transformative power of IQ in creating smarter educational environments. Embracing automation and intelligence, we are committed to shaping the future of education through innovative technologies.

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