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IQ Laser Projector V2

IQProjector V2 is an Ultrashort focal laser projector. With laser as the light source, IQProjector V2 has a longer lifetime and vivid color. That contributes it a cost-effective choice.

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Pure Laser Projector-IQProjector V2

Laser projector uses blue laser diodes as the primary light source. The blue light from the laser diodes shines onto a spinning wheel to generate the three primary colors

Turn on/off Immediately

Reach maximum brightness and turn off almost immediately—NO warm up or cool down period required.

3D Format Available

Support the 3D display function, bring the virtual simulation experience for all kinds of learning, and makes the learning fun.

Rich Interfaces

Rich interfaces to connect with external devices.

25,000 Hours Lifetime

Long lifetime (25,000hours) and reduced brightness degradation.

Stable Performance

Low maintenance cost and stable performance in the long run.

Vivid Color

Vivid color and ample brightness.

IQ Laser Projector V2


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