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IQView Document Camera E3821

The IQView E3821 is a wireless visualizer that uses WiFi data transfer technology to wirelessly transmit real-time video and images to interactive display devices such as interactive flat panel or other display equipment. With 8 million pixels of camera and A2-format maximum shooting to display a high definition of images and freely experience.

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360-degree Flexible Arm, adjustable to any direction. Macro shoot and display the clear circuit board IC model or the super-large A2 format.

Double uses for plug and pull type base. base and device can be separated. After separation, the device can be clamped to the table.

Wireless design, easy to carry. Supports wireless WIFI multi-point connection, wireless transmission frequency 300M/S.

With 8 million pixels of camera to display a high definition of images and movements.

Through transferred by wireless, the images of 720P and 1080P frame can keep above 30 fps.

A document camera can be connected to multiple computers. After installing the software, students can control the document camera through their own computer or tablet and view the collected images.

IQView Document Camera E3821

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