IQTouch X900 Pro

Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Interactive Flat Panel

PCAP Touch Technology

Optical Bonding

Anti-glare Glass

4K UHD Display

IQ OS with Android 8.0

Screen Share

Built-in Camera

Microphone Array

Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology & Optical Bonding technology

·Super sensitive screen operated by only slight touch
·Frameless and flat touchscreen to deliver the most accurate touch experience
·Combined PCAP touch with optical bonding technology to ensure pen-on-paper writing

4K UHD display

Embracing optical bonding, the screen of 4K UHD delivers crystal clarity and higher readability with high contrast, high brightness and high range NTSC (>80% NTSC). Vibrant colors and lifelike images create an immersive environment.

Ultra fine touch redefines natural writing

PACP touch and optical bonding ensures ultra fine touch to empower the screen instant response and high precision, revitalizing more vivid and natural writing experience on the paper.

point touch

writing height

writing accuracy

Integrated design for video conferencing

Integrating to only one X900 Pro, an instant remote meeting can be easily started.

Smoother experience with powerful inside

Android 8.0 ultra high performance ensures no stuck and fast processing speed while operating.


Dual system

Dual-core A73+A53

Quad-core MaliG51

IQ OS -- Seamless and simplified user experience

IQ OS is committed to creating a humanized interface to make user operations more convenient and effortless. Various styles of themes can fit into education or corporate environment, with abundant tools available at your fingertips.

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Wireless screen sharing catches your instant inspiration

Built-in our Eshare Pro software makes it possible to wirelessly share your screen right away for presenting your instant inspiration.

Screen sharing & Touch

Support two-way screen sharing between touch screen and your own mobile device. Touch back control also can be allowed.

4 Split Screens Displayed Simultaneously

Support at least 32 devices connected and 4 split screens displayed on the screen at the same time.

Screen Sharing
Permission Control

Support moderator mode to give the presenter permission to control all the screen sharing


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